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History of Slot Machines

History of Slot Machines

The first slot machines appeared in the late 1800’s in San Francisco. These slot machines featured card symbols, and they were very different from the flashy video slots that we play today. The slot machines had 5 reels with 10 cards on each reel. The 10 of spades and the jack of hearts were left off of the reels. The bigger prizes were awarded when a player hit a royal flush, but this could only be done in the diamonds and club suit since the 2 cards were omitted from the reels. When players won on these machines they would receive prizes such as free food, cigars, or free drinks. These machines were an instant hit, and grew to become a common fixture in stores and bars around the world.


Play Online Slots for Free | Free Spin or Play Money

Play Online Slots for Free | Free Spin or Play Money

What are Free Spins?

Some casinos allow players to spin the reels of a real money slot game for free. If you win on this spin then the money is yours to keep. Our players will receive 1 free spin every day at 888 Casino. You will just need to sign up through this site and make your first deposit to be eligible for your daily free spin. Free spins are a great way to familiarize yourself with new slot games, which is why casinos use this as a way to promote the latest games on offer. Using your free spins is really a no-lose proposition, as you are playing with house money, and you may just discover your new favorite slot game while you do it.

Playing with Play Money

You can play the same slot games that you play for real money with play money. In fact, you will have an endless supply of play money to play these games with. Most sites give you $1000 in play chips to start out with, but if you run out you can just reload the play money. Play money is a great way to check out different games on a casino site without having to part with any cash. You can hone your skills on the blackjack and roulette tables, or find a slot game with more lucrative bonus rounds or bigger jackpots all without risking a cent.

Some people enjoy playing with play money. They just like to see how much play money they can accumulate. Other players enjoy the thrill of actually gambling with real money. Even if you want to play with real money, you should consider using the play money to try out the games. You can decide if you like the slot game without having to risk any of your own money by taking advantage of the play money games.

You can play real money slot games and play money slot games at Here. If you decide that you like a play money game and want to try out the real money version of the game then you will need to make a deposit. Be sure to click on one of our links to sign up at any of these casinos so that you will be tracked properly and receive the biggest bonus offers available on your first deposit.

What Options Do I have to Play Free Slots?

What Options Do I have to Play Free Slots?

You will find thousands of online casinos that will give you the opportunity to play free slot games. Some people enjoy playing slot games for just the thrill of playing the game. If you arrived at this page looking for free money to play real money slot games then we can help you out with that too. When we talk about playing online slots for free, there are two ways to look at it.

One is the option to use ‘play money’ to practice with, which is a useful way to discover more games and hone your tactics, but is a bit like sipping on non-alcoholic cocktails at your office party! The other way to play slots for free is when you earn free spins from the online casino, which is when you can start making real cash money at the casino’s expense!

Free slot games include play money games and real money games. If you would like to enjoy playing play money games then you can sign up at 888 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, SpinPalace or SlotsMillions Casino and have an endless amount of play money to play with. Playing play money games is not only fun, but it is also a way for potential real money players to try out the games before they invest any of their own money.

We also have great deal with 888 Casino, LeoVegas Casino, SpinPalace and SlotsMillions Casino to offer our players free money to play real money slot games. If you make a deposit at any of these casinos then you will receive a free instant bonus. This is free money for you to play your favorite slot games. There are clearing requirements before you will be able to cash out your winnings, but the free bonus money keeps you playing longer

The Truth about Cheats at Slot Game

The Truth about Cheats at Slot Game

As previously discussed, the casinos are going to let you cheat them out of lots of money. There are no loop holes that will let you expose an easy win or make 3 clicks at the right time for a win. What you can do, however, is make the most of your advantages and use them before they swing back in favour of the house.

The first golden rule is to play as many of the games that appeal to you and learn them inside out. Learn the mechanics of how slot games and casinos operate so you have a good feel of when to risk more or hold on till next time. Think of your playing money as a bank roll that needs building. Try and build it up slowly until you reach a comfortable level where a sharp loss won’t hurt you. Get to a point where you can afford to risk surplus on your bank roll so a loss can be tolerated.

Find games that have one or two bonus rolls more than others. Try and chip away at exploiting these free bonuses or free rolls. You can always risk a bigger bet if it is not adding a liability to your bank roll. Different machines will play differently so learn the subtleties. Your bank roll doesn’t care which games you are playing, so spread your risks wider over playing certain machines.

Learn to walk away when you are happy with your winnings. Giving back the proceeds from a profitable session will be the most frustrating thing of all. It is as bad as chasing wins to cover ‘unbelievable bad luck’. This is never unbelievable and the chasing method is where the house makes there 3% overall. Be smart enough to keep your winnings, adding some to increase your bank roll for next time, and some for profit in your pocket and always be happy with that. There’s always another day.

As long as slot machines have been in existence scammers have tried to figure out ways to cheat the machines. Some people have actually been successful, but their cheating ways eventually caught up to them and landed them in prison.

Was it ever possible to cheat on Slot Game

Was it ever possible to cheat on Slot Game

It was a lot easier to cheat slot games in the early days of slot games. As we have already mentioned, scammers created devices to help them trick the slot machines into thinking that it was a winning spin. However, these scammers eventually ended up in prison. So, it really wasn’t worth all the trouble that they went to.

One of the most notorious slot machine cheats in history was Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Carmichael first began his cheating ways using the top-bottom device. He successfully cheated the slot machines with this device, but he was eventually caught using it and spent 5 years in jail.

During his stent in jail, Tommy planned even more ways to cheat slot games. He successfully did this, but he was also caught. Tommy is banned from most casinos even today so he had to quit his cheating ways. After Tommy showed up the casinos they demanded that slot machine makers invent machines that featured way more security features.

We are not a fan of cheating, but we are a fan of easy to win slot games.


Is it possible to cheat with slot machines?

Is Cheating at Slots really possible ?

Is Cheating at Slots really possible ?

The majority of slot machines today are video slot machines. These machines run on a computer based program. In recent years a team of hackers hacked an online casino and set a certain slot machine to only have winning spins. The casino awarded $1.9 Million on these spins in a matter of a few hours, but an honest casino player knew something must be wrong. He tipped off the casino that every spin was a winner, and they shut the machines down and corrected the hack.

It is possible to cheat if you are a hacker, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It will land you in prison. The best thing that you can do is to strategically play slot games. You should only play games that you can afford to bet the maximum amount. If you have $20 to play with then you should probably play a penny machine or a nickel machine. You should be careful with these machines though. Some of them have a higher maximum bet than the higher machines. Pay attention to how many betting lines the machines have, or you may end up losing all of your money quickly.

How to cheat online casino

How to cheat online casino

So, lets try to roughly classify the players who want to cheat and win at the online casino in a not entirely honest way:

Bonus hunters. For this players’ group we have a separate article which perfectly reveals the essence of such a strategy. Know more about bonus-hunters.
Players who clone their accounts to get additional first deposit bonuses.
Players who want to win at the casino without any deposits. They are looking for no deposit bonuses and register an infinite number of accounts in order to get them in unlimited quantities.

Researchers. This includes the whole team of the The purpose of their games is to test and analyze the slot machines, to identify the features, the similar factors and the errors of the programmers, thus getting an advantage over other players. Probably, casinos especially dont like us, because we generously share our findings with visitors of our site.

Hackers are programmers, who are trying to find vulnerability in the system of the software and get a rare advantage by interfering in the programming part. Net entertainment has a high degree of security, but a low-grade soft could well become the target of hacker attacks.

Carders. The frank crooks who steal credit and debit card data and passwords from payment systems. Usually such hackers choose the houses with quick payments, because it is important to complete the act of fraud before the victim discovers the loss. By the way, for such activities in the virtual space the term of imprisonment is quite real.

Players colluding in a live casino. This way they get and play the free bonuses on the main accounts. Learn more about collusion in a casino.

Where there’s gambling, there’s cheating. One way or another. Now, Random Number Generators exist to keep online slots in check and prevent any type of fraudulent behaviour. However, there’s certain info on RNGs that may explain how some people managed to ‘cheat’ slot machines. As this requires higher math and science, we won’t be able to go into detail, but we’ll try our best to explore RNGs and see how those daring few managed to bypass them.

Pseudo Random Number Generators
To start off, you may not know this but there are different types of Random Number Generators. The so-called Pseudo Random Number Generators don’t need any external input and instead use an algorithm and seed numbers. What happens here is that new seed numbers are produced non-stop. From a non-scientist point of view, the last number or two produced are combined with a math operation—and voila!—you get yourself a random outcome.

Pseudo Random Number Generators can, in theory, be hacked.
And again and again. However, these operations—namely, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and others—are always the same and will always end up churning the same output. That’s why Pseudo Random Number Generators are not truly arbitrary and, more importantly, why they could theoretically be hacked.

Cheating and Beating RNGs
Now, don’t freak out! Most of us aren’t capable of cheating RNGs and our online gambling results are as clean and fair as can be. However, a selected few have managed to bypass them in the past. Let’s name a couple.

You may remember the story of Ron Harris—does the Gods of Casino Gambling post ring any bells?—whose job used to be to find bugs on slot machines and ended up rigging said machines to churn out huge jackpots. On top of that, he came up with an entire program that managed to guess which numbers would come up through RNGs and raked in some serious bucks on keno games. The scheme eventually led him to prison, naturally, and today he’s forbidden from entering any casino across Las Vegas.

Norman Clem decided to track his wins and losses over the course of a year to see if the games were, in fact, rigged.
Then there was the 2008 incident when Norman Clem was playing craps at World Wide Wagering. He got the impression he’d losing a bit too much and, after this chilling realization, he set out to track his wins and losses over a whole year. He’d won a total of 856 times, which was only 27% and way too off from the standard deviation and the predicted 49%. He then did what every modern man would do—posted his findings online.

Just as well. Michael Shackleford, the Wizard of Odds himself, conducted a test of his own and found that BLR Software was indeed fixing their games to increase the house edge.

Online Casinos Tested for Fairness
Don’t worry—these are just two examples out of thousands and thousands which say the exact opposite. The online casinos we feature are regularly tested, usually by impartial third parties that would never let them rig their RNGs.

Online casinos approved by TST or GLI are safe.
So, when you see that an online or a mobile casino has been approved by Technical Systems Testing (TST) or Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), you’ll know you are in a secure place. The results of their online and mobile slots have been proven random, so you can sit back, relax and spin those reels to your heart’s content without any fear. If, on top of everything, the casino belongs to the exclusive group of Certified Casinos—you’re as safe as can be!

Thoughts? Comments?
If you have any thoughts or comments to share with us on the subject of Random Number Generators, head over to our forum and tell us your two cents—we’re expecting you!

Can You Cheat an Aristocrat Slot Machine Online or Off?

Can You Cheat an Aristocrat Slot Machine Online or Off?

In this article, we compile all of the Aristocrat pokie cheats the casinos don’t want you to know. You should note that if you’re looking for physical ways to cheat slot machines, this is the wrong place. Those old tricks of putting a coin on a string and yanking it out, or producing fake chips by shaving down the edges of one-cent coins, just don’t work anymore. Casinos have wised up to every technique used by dishonest gamblers and trying one of these strategies is liable to land you a beating at best and a lengthy jail term at worst. When we talk about Aristocrat pokies online and the veritable array of (non existent) “cheats”, we’re really talking about secret tips that have been tried and tested and shown to increase your chances of winning. Here are the best “cheats” and “hacks” that might not reprogram the machine for you but will certainly increase your odds of winning and having a bloody good time. All of these hacks, hints and tips are trialled and tested by us and some are actually deadest helpful tips relevant to Aristocrat’s most popular titles.

The 3 most important rules for playing online slots

The 3 most important rules for playing online slots

1) Quit while you’re ahead. If you’ve had a good session, and have considerably pushed up your bankroll, consider taking a break until next time. Ending the day with winnings is an amazing feeling and it will give you time to think about withdrawing your winnings.

2) Don’t chase losses. If you do hit what seems like a “losing streak”, don’t follow your emotions into a downward spiral as an attempt to stop it. Just take a break. Remember the payout ratio? Well, looks like you entered a patch of the casino’s edge. It’s not the end of the world and doesn’t mean anything. But playing slots with a losing attitude is no fun so time to pack it in.

3) Control your budget. Before you make a deposit, always take a moment to imagine the consequences of losing the entire sum. It’s not that this will definitely happen, but it’s a good way to test if the amount you’re about to deposit matches your financial state. Ask yourself if you can afford to lose that sum without it affecting your household budget.

In Conclusion

We know that this article might come across as a but of a buzz-kill to a lot of players out there, but don’t you prefer the truth to losing money for no reason? While it is impossible to “beat” online casinos at slots games, it’s still worth getting to know the games you love inside-out. This way you’ll be able to aim for certain goals that you know have the potential to pay out big.