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Can you cheat the Slot Machine with a magnet?

How to Cheat Slot Machine with a Magnet?

How to Cheat Slot Machine with a Magnet?

Many casino owners were asked about this question. Most of these casino owners said that this is impossible, because the slot machines are isolated and are non-magnetic. The slot machine external side are made from a material that is non-magnetic and like this they can not put the magnet on it.

This innovative box from for slots were manufactured after the millennium. So that slot machines that were made after 2000 they are manufactured with this new kind of material that is non-magnetic.


The magnet and the slot machine

One expert explained us how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet. He is a worker at a big electrical company.

“ We saw lot of times that the electric meter was hacked and inside of this was a small magnet. An outside company analyzed this magnet and they said that is a very strong magnet that was bought from Russia.

This small magnet can totally stop the electrical mechanism of this meter. Like this they can consume energy for free without being busted. The single thing that they need to make is to remove this magnet from the electrical meter when they know that the electrical company is making the revision in that zone.

How to cheat a slot machine with a magnet? In the same way with a magnet it is possible to hack these slot machines. The mechanism of a slot is very identical with an electrical meter putting the magnet at that side