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3 Slots Techniques That Really Work

Fake Slots Coins Technique Really Work

When slots that used chips first appeared, cheaters began using fake coins. Although slot machine manufacturers have worked hard on their anticounterfeiting technology, fraudsters are keeping up with the progress and the fake coin isn’t obsolete just yet. The aficionado of the fake coin was Louis Colavecchio, who made fake chips and coins to cheat his way to winning $500,000. Unfortunately, his cheating skill led to him spending seven years in prison.

3 Slots Techniques That Really Work

3 Slots Techniques That Really Work

The Yo-Yo – Slots Techniques Really Work

This clever invention excels in being so simple to use. It consists of a coin that is fixed to a narrow wire. The scammer puts it in the machine’s slot. Then, once the device has registered the chip has been inserted, he or she pulls it back out again. That allows the cheater to play endlessly with a single chip. A similar scam has been used on video slots that took paper bank notes.

However, in this case, adhesive tape was used for the bank notes. This was an especially popular really work technique for hacking slots in early slot halls in post-Soviet regions where primitive slots had poor protection systems.

Chip Replacements Technique

Dennis Nikrasch carried out some amazing scams in Las Vegas. Nikrasch ordered some computer chips from slot manufacturers then bought some gambling machine keys from black market sellers. He then learned Slot Techinique is  how to replace the slots’ chips to rake in millions of dollars (as well as a prison sentence!)