In light of UKGC’s Regulations, you need to verify your age to play slots for free

In light of UKGC’s Regulations, you need to verify your age to play slots for free

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You’ll have noticed that playing slots for free isn’t quite as straightforward as it used to be. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has introduced new regulations that mean that UK players now have to verify their age before being allowed to access free play slots – this includes slots at online casinos and portals such as Online-Slot.co.uk.
Introduced to protect children
The move has been introduced to prevent children and young people from accessing such games. Of course, we take the UKGC regulations very seriously at Online-Slot.co.uk and will be complying fully with the new rules here – despite not agreeing entirely with the regulations.
We’ve teamed up with Verime
To play slots for free here at Online-Slot.co.uk, you’ll now have to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. Thankfully, that’s a very straightforward process. We will be using technology from Verime to do just that. All that’s required is a mobile phone and a minimum of fuss and form filling. You won’t have to send copies of passports or driving licences or anything like that.
What do I need to do?
Here’s a run down of what you need to do in order to verify your age. Visit any slot and you’ll see a screen that says “The UK Gambling Commission wants to protect underage gambling and Online-Slot.co.uk is committed to safeguarding children from gambling. Please verify your age in order to access the free to play version of this game.”
Beneath that is a blue ‘Verify Age’ tab. Click on that. You’ll then be taken to a new screen. There’s a prompt to “Enter UK mobile number”. Fill in your number then click on the green Age Verify button below.

You’ll then be sent a text message. Follow the instructions in the text. The reply is charged at your normal network rate.

You should then get a response within a few seconds confirming your identity and hey presto, you’ll be able to carry on as normal and go on and play the game for free. It really is that simple. You’ll only have to verify your age once at Online-Slot.co.uk. You’ll then be good to go and have a go at any free to play slots you wish.
Whilst this scenario isn’t ideal, we have to follow the UKGC’s regulations – all online casinos do this (via their registration forms or by you sending in documents etc) and you’ll see more and more portals introducing these measures. Many have removed the ability to play slots for free but we want to provide the best slots portal possible with detailed reviews, the best online casinos to play them at and the ability to play for free.
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