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Integrations ECommerce store integrations (ex: Shopify

Robinsons of Bawtry, a high-end independent fashion retailer, .

Recently connected their new Shopify ecommerce site to TRIMS

Designer Fashion Since 1986 Robinsons of Bawtry are official stockists of many high-end clothing labels and are previous winners of Drapers’ Premium Fashion Independent of the Year.
The integration eliminated “one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks”.
Designer Fashion Since 1986 Robinsons of Bawtry are official stockists of many high-end clothing labels and are previous winners of Drapers’ Premium Fashion Independent of the Year.
The elegant store is set in a sophisticated market town where the family-run business is committed to supporting the local community through impressive charity events and more.
eCommerce with Shopify & TRIMS Our team at Touchretail connected Robinsons’ existing TRIMS system with their new site via their Shopify integration.
Integrations ECommerce store integrations (ex: Shopify, 3dCart, Magneto, WooCommerce) Google Analytics & Google AdWords Pricing Plans: Best Suited:   Growth hackers ECommerce Store Managers Marketers  Advantages & Disadvantages Glew is a hub of information and exceptional WooCommerce analytics plugin.

We spoke to James at Robinsons to get his feedback on their new venture

Some scored higher on the fad scale than others but all at one point had their heyday.  The challenge for logical, time tested, successful programs has always been this unfortunate conundrum: they’re boring.     Listen I get it true strength and conditioning programs that legitimately produce results are not boring to everybody…but they are to most people.  They require the ability to be disciplined, to hold a long term view approach and (wait for it) a coach.  To think you Joe accountant should have the time, bandwidth, desire etc to research, create and implement a well-rounded program may be a bit much in our current non-stop world.  It’s why I believe you should enlist the knowledge and/or expertise of a true fitness coach and sorry Rebecca your Pelaton instructor does not count (no disrespect to Rebecca’s out there).     James argues we’re continuing to devalue the true fitness coach by providing more avenues for “fitness” at increasing lower rates, the ol “race to the bottom” model.  Tell somebody you pay a few hundred dollars a month for a fitness coach and people look at you cockeyed but we don’t hesitate to pay our accountants thousands of dollars to do our taxes.  It’s almost as if their expertise is worth the money.  Here’s the weird part, the most important thing in life (and there is no argument here) is your health yet we continue to treat it as a commodity, happy we found an easier, cheaper way to workout.

Why did you choose the Shopify ecommerce platform

Web platforms like Wix, WordPress and Squarespace and Shopify are all template based so have a wide range of designs already premade.
“It was quick and easy to create the website and I knew Touchretail had a plug-and-play connector.” How was your experience of the TRIMS / Shopify connector.

By integrating FileMaker and Shopify

you have the ability to easily create, update, and delete nearly all aspects of your online business straight from your FileMaker system.
“The connector takes away one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks of running an ecommerce and physical store, that is entering stock values and quantities.
From previous experience of working an ecommerce store and physical store, this is a huge drain on resources.
The TRIMS/Shopify connector works nicely to port over key information and to keep records updated and accurate.”   What does this mean for Robinsons.
“We launched our ecommerce site out of necessity due to lockdown restrictions, but now see click and collect and free local delivery as new strings to our bow to generate business going forward.
Since launch we’ve done around £10,000 in sales from a very limited range of stock listed on our website and limited marketing activity.” Check out Robinsons’ new online shop, we can’t wait to see them develop and grow online.
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