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“Coursera is a leading online learning platform

Programs in Data Science and AI and ML to be launched in early 2021 New Delhi

12 August 2020: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has partnered with Coursera, the world’s leading online learning platform, to launch new online programs and certifications for a global audience.
Michael Petroni: Klassische Anwendungsbereiche für Data Science sind:     Predictive Maintenance zur Vermeidung von unvorhergesehenen Maschinenausfällen in der IndustrieQualitätsmanagement in der Produktion und Einflussfaktoren auf die QualitätBetrugserkennungVorhersagen von Kundenverhalten und BedarfsvorhersagenOptimierung in logistischen Themenbereichen    HERR PETRONI, WIE SIND SIE ZUM DATASCIENTIST GEWORDEN.
IIT Roorkee plans to launch high demand programs like Advanced Certification in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and Certification in Data Science, with a goal to expand its online program portfolio on Coursera as part of a commitment to make the coveted institution accessible to learners around the world.
Podcast: 10web  Livro: sobre Social Engineering, por exemplo: Art of Human Hacking  Conferência a não perder Conferências Google e Apache Sugestão de próximo convidado Sobre Docker, Miguel Poeira da MOG  O post Programa 20 – Data Science aparece primeiro no 10web.
The Advanced Certification in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning program will enable learners from around the world to learn AI/ML skills from India’s top technology institute.

Another AI/ML use is that it can give structure to unstructured data

such as through natural language processing (NLP) coupled with topic clustering.     The solution needs to be transformative and self-sustaining.
It is a six months program and is a unique combination of expert lectures, hands-on labs, tutorials, team projects, and workshops ensuring fast-track learning along with building knowledge on coding and mathematics necessary for building expertise in AI/ML besides equipping with classical ML techniques and algorithms, programming with TensorFlow for easy model building, .

Robust ML production and powerful experimentation among others

TensorFlow    If you’re going to use dataflow programming across a range of tasks, TensorFlow is the open-source library to work with.
Certification in Data Science program is designed to equip professionals with competencies in the core focus areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Critical Thinking, Data Collection, Data Visualisation, and Data Management.
The course will develop programming skills in Python and SQL relevant, help learners understand the algorithms used in data analytics, and build knowledge about the selected machine learning algorithms such as linear models, kNN, SVM, Trees, Random forest, and neural networks and much more.
If the data size is large and billions of records need to be examined to get this information, SQL queries are unable to fetch the results in the desired time frame.
The program requires no prior knowledge of coding in Python, R, or SQL.
With this partnership.

IIT Roorkee joins the ranks of 170 top universities, including Yale

University of Michigan, Stanford, and Imperial College of London — that offer programs on Coursera.
Coursera’s 67 million learners across 190 countries will now be able to access IIT Roorkee’s highly sought-after and job-relevant programs.
“Coursera is a leading online learning platform.
We are delighted to partner with Coursera to help fulfill the goal of inclusive education of the New Education Policy.
Further, this partnership will help us reach out to a global audience of students and professionals aspiring for quality teaching in these sought after areas,” said Prof.
Ajit K.
Chaturvedi, Director.

IIT Roorkee.  “IIT Roorkee is one of India’s top and oldest engineering schools

and millions aspire to learn from this illustrious institution,” said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera.
This partnership makes the institution accessible to a global audience.
Now anyone anywhere can take the institute’s high-quality programs to learn skills of the future.” IIT Roorkee will launch both these programs on Coursera in early 2021.


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