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The post Understanding the Cost of NDT Equipment Repair vs

Any asset-owner wants to get the most out of a piece of equipment.

But with nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment

there comes a point where legacy equipment no longer performs at the required level.
When that happens, it is time for an upgrade.     The reason why upgrades can be more efficient than repairs for legacy NDT equipment has everything to do with advances.
Advances in functionality, advances in performance, and advances in the market.
Across global industries.

Using quality NDT testing tools is crucial to compete

comply, and control costs.     Defining Legacy NDT Equipment    By saying “legacy” NDT equipment, we’re talking a fairly short time frame.

Although NDT has been around for many decades

the advancements have been rapid for an industrial category.
So rapid, in fact, that the idea of legacy has shifted.     There is no absolute hard and fast rule, but a good rule of thumb is equipment that is more than five years old can become less valuable.
This isn’t because the equipment no longer works, but that it might be more reliant on repairs to function properly.
Older equipment can suffer from:    Substandard data results and imagery Slower testing processesDifficulty integrating with current softwareLonger and more cumbersome trainingHeavier equipmentLimited or no support and parts availability    The compounding problem with legacy equipment is that it can no longer handle upgrades that can help a company truly compete.
Every year, equipment gets better, and equipment that can be regularly modified and updated is the most valuable.
To guarantee safety and regulatory compliance, as well as improve inspection efficiency, we recommend using up-to-date NDT equipment.     Example: When testing for a High Temperature Hydrogen Attack, a plant needed equipment that could detect flaws smaller than .004 inches.
That required advanced focusing techniques and powerful tools to confidently discover all flaws.
Legacy equipment couldn’t deliver on this, leaving them potentially exposed to destructive challenges.     What to Look For in NDT Equipment Upgrades    When upgrading NDT equipment, the goal is to make testing processes more efficient and accurate.

Whether considering ultrasonic testing (UT) or eddy current testing (ECT)

a few common features warrant careful consideration:     Advanced software: All software should be easy-to-use, intuitive, and efficient for on-site inspections or lab work.
The best software delivers an easy interface with a range of powerful tools that enhance the entire inspection process from acquisition to reporting.Hardware: From portable units to high-end systems, hardware should feature capabilities that meet specific inspection needs, offer paths to upgradeability, provide multiple connectivity options, and be able to integrate seamlessly with the software.     Hardware and software may seem basic, but using higher quality solutions with advanced features are what set more reliable equipment apart.
Ideally, equipment will provide the following values:    Fast calibrationBetter signal qualityAdvanced processing and reportingScreens that provide clear visuals, even in harsh environmentsEasy handling, ruggedness, and portabilityLess equipment needed for one job    The last point is one we can’t stress enough.
It is possible, in theory, .

To create a functional NDT process by piecemealing together a lot of legacy equipment

But doing so leaves a lot of potential gaps, difficult use cases, and an inability to upgrade all at once.     The Need For Ever-Improving NDT Testing    The market for NDT continues to evolve.
As supply chains go global and new inspection application needs spring up from Chennai to Charleston, technicians have to be able to test quickly and confidently.     There are a few factors that are making non-destructive testing even more important, including:     Stricter safety regulations in both established and emerging marketsAging infrastructureAsset uptime needs    Of course, many of these elements work together.
As infrastructure ages in all markets, the need to inspect without disruption grows.
And as governments continue to regulate supply chains, following those complex mandates means erring on the side of no errors at all.     NDT Equipment Repair Is Not Enough    It’s understandable to want to put off upgrades.
It is a cost that won’t result in a return popping up on the books.
There might not be a ledger entry for “flaws detected early” or “fines not levied” or “lawsuits avoided,” but the benefits of upgrading are critical.     The market is changing, .

And NDT equipment continues to advance

The future of testing isn’t coming; it’s already here.

And that means upgrading NDT equipment to meet the speed of these rapid advancements

Zetec is a major provider of multiple cutting-edge solutions for nondestructive testing equipment.
If you’re ready for an equipment upgrade, contact us today.
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