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Rehoming Co-ordinator at Blue Cross said

Blue Cross Animal Rehoming Centre in Staffordshire

England, hasn’t let the pandemic slow them down.
While their facility is currently closed to the public, they’ve had their hands full with five new foals born during the lockdown.

All the babies and their moms are doing well

and caretakers are looking forward to seeing all the rescued ponies begin better lives.
The five new moms were part of a large-scale rescue effort in February, and their foals will hopefully never experience that level of neglect.  Mares Hipper, Tweed, Soar, Dove, .

And Eden were found with 38 other horses in desperate condition

“At all the stages of the process leading to our removal from the office of the Headman, we were denied the most basic, the most elementary and most sacrosanct of all the rights, the right to be heard before any decision was taken affecting one’s rights commonly referred to as audi alteram partem rule, a tenet of natural justice which goes back to the beginning of time when God granted Adam the right to make out his defence from committing the cardinal sin before banishing him out from the garden of Eden.” The matter is pending.
It’s understood that the large herd of ponies was left in an area for unauthorized grazing and spotted by the land’s owner.
The RSPCA worked in concert with several other organizations to round up the ponies—many of which showed no signs of previous handling.
Dogs are for life, not just for lockdown  Although purchasing a pet is often an exciting moment, charities such as Battersea Dogs Home and the RSPCA have advised that it is a decision nobody should rush into.
Eden and RiverPhoto provided by Blue Cross Hipper and BunnyPhoto provided by Blue Cross The situation was made even more difficult due to flooded fields and other hazards within the large area of land.
All images courtesy of Blue Cross The post Mother And Son Rescue Ponies Reunite After Four Years Apart appeared first on iHeartHorses.com.
Water rescue teams were called in to assist, and it took careful planning and cooperation to safely seize every animal.
Mostly cob types, each pony showed some form of neglect.
They had fleas and lice, and several were emaciated.
Out of the 43 rescued horses, Blue Cross, a rescue organization that takes in all kinds of animals, took in 11 of the ponies in need of a safe place to decompress.
His handlers noticed him becoming more erratic under the saddle, .

And it was eventually decided he needed to return to the Blue Cross

Unfortunately, there have been no leads as to who is responsible for the herd’s neglect.

Bumblebee and TweedPhoto provided by Blue Cross Verity Anderton-Jonson

Rehoming Co-ordinator at Blue Cross said, All of the ponies were in a bad way when we took them in.
Bumblebee and TweedPhoto provided by Blue Cross Verity Anderton-Jonson, Rehoming Co-ordinator at Blue Cross said, .

All of the ponies were in a bad way when we took them in

They were very nervous and one in particular, Soar, was so emaciated it was a shock to discover she was in foal.
It was wonderful to arrive at the centre some mornings to find a new baby resident, and that mum had managed the birth without any help and that they are all doing so well.

We are very proud of these mums.” Dove and RainbowPhoto provided Blue Cross One by one

the five pregnant mares gave birth to healthy foals.
The oldest foal, named Bunny, .

Was born to Hipper on Good Friday
And a cutie named Victory greeted mom Soar for the first time on VE Day

The other three foals, named Bumblebee, Rainbow, and River, were born in May and June.
All five new little families are currently in good health, and they’re enjoying extra attention from their human caretakers.
The foals were born during lockdown, but it hasn’t affected their care or upbringing.

Blue Cross is dedicated to giving them the best lives

and they’ll soon move on to loving permanent homes.
The post Rescue Welcomes 5 Lockdown Foals In Search Of Forever Homes appeared first on iHeartHorses.com.


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