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considering that Tommo is also an impressive scientist

If you’ve spent much time on our forum, .

You know Tommo for his amazing covers of the likes of John Petrucci and Vinnie Moore

Here’s one of the best, a cover of Vinnie Moore’s “The Thinking Machine”:          Another of our favorites is this classical-style tremolo etude, a stunning variation on Recuerdos de la Alhambra:          What is significant about this arrangement is that Tommo is using strategic hybrid picking to make an impossible thing possible using downward pickslanting mechanics.
And having an overt understanding of the actual mechanics, as we’ve investigated them, is rare even among great players.
This should be no surprise, considering that Tommo is also an impressive scientist.

In his post as a theoretical physicist at the University of Nottingham

he studies such things as quantum optics and mathematical physics that frankly make calculating pick trajectories sound a bit like child’s play.
From posting generously detailed writeups on his recording projects, to sharing suggestions for how to rearrange passages for more efficient mechanics, to the above-mentioned virtuosic show and tells, .

Tommo has been a prolific member of the community here for quite some time

In his role at Cracking the Code.

Tommo will continue to offer his expertise here on the forum

now in a more official capacity.
He’ll be helping with technique questions, video critiques, and contributing to upcoming lesson ideas.

Please join us in welcoming Tommo as part of the Cracking the Code Team



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