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Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Virtual Care Plans with Telespine

Cutting-Edge Orthopedic Virtual Care Plans with Telespine.
Competitive Health, Inc.

Announced their new partnership with Telespine today

Telespine offers a cutting-edge solution pairing traditional orthopedic and advanced behavior change science with a highly personalized virtual care plan.

Over $200 billion per year are incurred in medical costs from back pain in the U.S.

according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.
”The real-cost of back pain is staggering, .

With over 33 million Americans suffering daily

At Competitive Health, we look to find cost savings solutions that carry results.

Telespine offers Americans a chance at achieving a pain-free life through a regimented

easy-to-follow virtual care plan from their mobile devices.
Kimberly DarlingCEO & Founder                                    Telespine’s unique customized exercise-based treatment plan is coupled with personalized coach consultations, providing members with support throughout their recovery.
Digital video exercise programs are based on clinical studies of the best treatment and management of back pain and are available to members at the click of a button.
The support and personalized components of this virtual health solution are ground breaking.
“Neck and back pain drive both significant medical spend for employers and personal cost to people who suffer with it,” said Dr.
Mark Barnes, Telespine CEO.
“Addressing the cause of the problem is always the right approach.
97% of neck and back pain are a mechanical-behavioral problem.

That is why Telespine has married two unique

evidence-based systems of care to create one powerful approach to achieve superior clinical outcomes.
We’ve proven these problems can be treated effectively through telehealth.”                                         ”Orthopedic treatment isn’t enough – our focus on incorporating behavior change is what drives long lasting results for our users and in turn, savings for our customers.
Mark BarnesCEO - Telespine                                    Competitive Health’s solutions maximize ROI for employers, associations, brokers, and health plans, while increasing utilization, satisfaction, and savings for employees and members.
Custom member engagement tools and an integrated platform for all solutions deliver unparalleled results.
Recently, CHI has announced a string of high performing partnerships with MyBenefitsLab, MDsave, GlobalFit, and others, expanding its offerings to over 4 million registered members.

About Telespine     Founded by Dr

Mark Barnes, Boulder-based Telespine (www.telespine.com) is a digital health company that alleviates neck and back pain through affordable, evidence-based solutions focused on therapeutic technologies and personalized health coaching.
A Techstar’s portfolio company.

Telespine delivers its solutions through employers

insurers, third-party administrators, health care providers and other benefit or wellness program sponsors.

About Competitive Health     Competitive Health

is the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access.
The firm’s direct agreements with the nation’s leading telehealth companies, retail clinics, and PPO networks, position Competitive Health to provide unlimited access and unprecedented savings to clients and members.

CHI is a full-service healthcare marketplace featuring a suite of virtual

concierge, and ancillary product solutions.

Competitive Health has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for insurance carriers

third-party administrators, affinity groups and exchanges since 1996.

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