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Mount Fuji is like a blessing for nature lovers

In this busy life, one needs a break to recharge the energy and get back to work and daily life stressors.
Also, few people are fond of roaming around, so for both types, .

We are compiling this list of MUST visit places on the globe

Taj Mahal, Utter Pardesh, India   Taj Mahal, a symbol of love is a place pure souls must see.
A pure simple elegant love story is there.  It was built in first half of seventeenth century and still it’s tour attraction point in India.
The art work embedded on walls is so astonishing that one can sit and feel the sacred touch of love there.
The Great wall of China   The Great Wall of China is a succession of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other materials, generally built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China for security purpose.
One should visit this place to witness the dedication of the people who made this and also to witness mesmerizing scenes of nature along with the wall.
Cairo, Egypt   Cairo is 18th largest city in the world and is a true representative of past time artifact and modern era.
Cairo is said to be in complete without its world famous Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx.

You can take a lot of things to explore in this city including Bank of Nile River

Camel Rides, ancient civilizations museums etc.
Cairo is a must visit that should be on your to-visit list.
Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon   If you are planning to visit America somewhere this year and want to experience heavenly scenes out of busy-loud-city life then visit Mount Hood National Forest where lush green meadows, Mirror lake and splendid pines are ready to make you feel relax.

Filled with nature’s beauty and peacefulness this place is a must visit   Blue Lagoon

Iceland   Located in Girdavik, Iceland Blue Lagoon is basically an run-off pool of around six million liters of water which is heated naturally over a lava bed located 2000 meters underneath the water.
Enriched with minerals, .

Blue Lagoon is one of the most soothing and invigorating place on the earth

Also considered as natural spa, and this of course is more exciting than any man-made spa because the experience is so purified and natural.
Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia   Sit back with eyes close and imagine yourself experiencing in a place where all calm colors in all pure forms are present to make you feel wow-ish.

Open your eyes and book a flight to Greece to visit Myrtos beach

A semi-circle shaped beach enclosed in white rocky cliffs along with the pure-greenish flora on top.
Floating blue crystal mixed with white pebbles make it breath taking view on the earth.
You can’t resist yourself from feeling more and more peaceful.
Mount Fuji, Japan   The effortlessly proportioned snow-topped volcano is on the edge of Lake Kawaguchi, this is one of the most scared locations of Japan.
Just few miles away from Tokyo, Mount Fuji is like a blessing for nature lovers.
The best time to visit Mount Fuji is spring because in that period cherry blossom trees are in full bloom.
If you are fond of viewing captivating sun-shines, must visit this place and experience the peace of sun enlightening every peak and depth of the mount and of course your soul too.
Santorini, Greece   Simply Beautiful and largest volcanic flare-ups of Santorini attracts your simple soul toward its beauty.
This town is one of its kind and is very unique in all means.
It consists of cube like houses that are white washed with volcanic ash and limestone which jointly make the houses look like pear-colored.

The Salt attracts you – in the air and in the sea

in both modes its peace.
Wengen, Switzerland   Wengen is a town located in Switzerland and is attraction for all those who are tired of breathing in the stress, the worries, and the burdens.
Throw your worries outside the town and enter in a piece of earth where no artificiality of your rash-bash life will ever touch you.
You will feel soothing to the core.
This town is free of pollution and is situated between lush-green grassy mountains containing alpine tress.
As there is no permission for cars and pollution generating objects, you can experience pure crispy clean air here.

Hawaii   North most and oldest Island of Hawaii

Kauai is a dream place for peace and nature lovers.

Kauai is famous as Garden Island

is covered with lush green grassy mountains surrounded by crystal clear water to purify your inner soul.
Whether you love hiking, or just sitting and viewing the sun-rises or sunsets, or interested in fishing, this place would be no less than a heaven for you.
If you ever get a chance, make sure you add this place to your visit-list this year   The post Top Ten Most Beautiful Places U Must Visit Before Dying.

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