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a gleaming Yamaha TX750 cafe racer from Chicago

There are countless failures throughout automotive history.
All of the big motorcycle manufacturers have at least one they’d prefer to forget about.
For Yamaha, .

One such failure came with the release of the TX750 in 1973

The past two weeks has seen racing continue across several states and Yamaha again bought the heat with success in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland.
The twin-cylinder UJM was slated to become the successor of the esteemed XS650 but soon after its release, it became apparent that was never going to happen.

It’s actually a custom TX750A—a bike that Yamaha made to replace the XS650

but ended up being a total flop.
Unlike the XS650’s bulletproof parallel twin the Yamaha TX750 was plagued with engine issues and worse still, complete failures.
A slammed Royal Enfield Interceptor from K-Speed, a gleaming Yamaha TX750 cafe racer from Chicago, a BMW GS given the supermoto treatment, .

And an inch-perfect Yamaha DT-1 restoration from Germany

The TX botch-up was so vast that it lead to the first-ever recall by a motorcycle manufacturer; an event that marked the end of the TX750s shortlived production run.


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