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The brand has been successfully operating since 2013

Software development is an integral part of business services.
Solutions are becoming more global, and management is increasingly focusing on overseas teams.
To get a high-quality product, you must carefully choose an offshore software product development company.
Outsourcing allows you to add fresh ideas to the project and save the company’s budget.
Consider the list of the best software product development companies.      Mangosoft   The brand’s mission in the IT market is to become a strategic technology partner for each client.
At Mangosoft, customers can get the whole cycle of work from a sketch to the final quality test.

Sala company is one of the leading in Ukraine thanks to an innovative approach

In Ukraine, competing Orthodox churches have their own humanitarian networks supporting local populations and displaced population.
The brand has been successfully operating since 2013.

The priority is always the needs of the customer’s business and long-term prospects

At the beginning of the journey, analysts develop a detailed action plan.
In addition to development, programmers provide maintenance.
You can also modify existing software and optimize business processes according to market requirements.
At Mangosoft, customers can get the whole cycle of work from a sketch to the final quality test.
It is also possible to connect programmers at different stages of project development.
The company specializes in:    Website development;   Web-design;   Creation of mobile applications;  Product branding;   Implementation of payment gateways;   Automation of trade and warehouse operations.

The company has a portfolio of cases from various fields

including fintech, healthcare, and logistics.

ScienceSoft   The brand was founded 30 years ago in the United States

Mala: I actually spent some time first learning English in the United States after leaving Senegal.
But technology is constantly changing, and the company has developed in step with the times.
Among the industries for which the team executes orders are:   Recording of medical documents and monitoring of patients’ health in automatic mode;   Accounting for goods in production;   A full retail cycle;   Fintech.

The company’s engineers are successfully working on projects using IoT technology

artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
The Bottom Line    There is no doubt that IoT promises a change that can bring more convenience to our lives and is destined to get bigger with time.
Also, for customers, .

Developers implemented cases on the Blockchain and with augmented reality
With the use of technologies like Blockchain

it has become easy to secure the IoT network.  Security in IoT devices Security of the IOT network is a significant concern as it does heifers massive scale deployment.
Despite the location in the USA, the brand is aimed at international cooperation.
Therefore, foreign partners make up about half of all customers.

Existek   The company is located in Ukraine and is an outsourced IT services provider

The team equally carefully works on the tasks of small, medium, and large businesses.
Programmers work on assignments in the fields of education, personnel management, healthcare, IT consulting.
Company customers can apply for:   Development of software for business;   Analysis of current software and changes;   Automation of business processes;   Maintenance of sites and e-commerce systems.
The brand has existed on the world market since 2005 and has earned an excellent reputation with foreign partners.
Bottom line If you decide to cooperate with an offshore company, you need to evaluate not only its reputation and market position.
Product development software companies work using various technologies and methods.
Also, the vision of the final result of different performers may differ.
To be sure that your goals coincide, you need to communicate with representatives of several teams personally.

Mangosoft offers potential customers a free detailed consultation

The specialist will conduct a preliminary analysis of the business or idea before giving recommendations.
By comparing all the options, you can choose the best or make new wishes.
After the consultation, not only the technical prospects of the project will be known, but also the timing of its implementation.

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