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in freezing temperature of Antarctica

Dare to dream and don’t be afraid of going out and achieving it….
My name is Anand Swaroop. With 20 mountaineering expeditions in India and abroad.

That include mighty Mt Everest and Mt Cho Oyu

I have been so fortunate to live my cherished mountaineering dreams.
Carrying this message forward.

3M India in partnership with CII

launched the Young Innovators Challenge Awards in 2014 at the Tenth anniversary of the CII India Innovation Summit to create a platform to identify, recognize, and support young innovators who are at an early stage of launching sustainable solutions towards solving key socio-economic problems.
Each expedition and adventure activity had been memorable.
And it led to the initiation and execution of even more challenging expeditions.
If I have to choose one amongst many, .

Then I think I will rate ski expedition to South Pole being the most memorable

She shows it to the students with the North Pole pointing up and the South Pole pointing down.
Ski expedition to South Pole Mountain routine had become familiar since I had been at it for several years already.
But ski expedition was new to experience.
And more so to South Pole with new challenges each day to endure. Pushing my limits to the extremes of continent Antarctica.

FAQ If you would like to know more about climate change in Antarctica

please leave a comment below.
Yet it thrilled me thoroughly.
Adventurers take failed expeditions of legends as a challenge.
And its our way of honoring the ones who endeavored but did not make it.
This is what I did alongwith my team.

Taking the same route that Captain Robert Falcon of Great Britain took in year 1912

but never returned.
So far, .

Igor Fraga brought home the only points for the Czech team in Great Britain

Skiing 1170 km in 50 days from Hercules Inlet in Antarctica to the South Pole was a mammoth challenge, though  excitement reigned high.
Our expedition commenced with eight men in snowsuits.
With man-haul sledges, each one carrying load of items needed for next 50 days, in freezing temperature of Antarctica.
There are lots of dreams you can chase—even if you have hemophilia.”   Bombardier poses with the Doctor, who had cleared his application to climb Antarctica’s Vinson Massif.  Bombardier Blood Over his six-year journey, Bombardier was able to raise over $100,000 for the hemophilia non-profit Save One Life, and secure sponsorship for over 100 children in need of treatment for bleeding disorders.
Started daily at 9 in the morning and halted at 7 in the evening, though it was hard to sleep in sunlit nights of Antarctica as sun never sets in summer for six months.
Though we had the best equipment and training but unpredictable weather of continent Antarctica made it so hard to pull sledges.
Skiing to South Pole, I must say, was unparalleled.
I am proud of my all expeditions.
I just want to continue attempting even tougher expeditions and put India on International map in the field of adventure.

Start of my journey into adventure… Inching closer to Cho Oyu

Getting a thrill of micro light aircraft.

Relaxing in tent during South Pole expedition

Riding bike at the highest motorable pass in the world.
I did not realize what is adventure till I formally got into mountaineering after joining Army.
However, even during my college days, I used to do long distance cycling and gliding, but it used to be fun activity as the definition of adventure was not yet known to me.   After doing Basic Mountaineering Course in 1985, I liked the thrill of getting into unknown and enjoyed the uncertainties.
I think that was the start of my journey into adventure and it subsequently became extreme with tougher expeditions and extreme activities, whose opportunities came my way by sheer luck.
I keep on exploring new challenging activities.
I recently learned to fly micro light aircraft.
I enjoy skydiving and scuba diving as well.


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