Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

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Myth: ”There is no such thing as a good tactic for slot machines”.

Believed by: Pessimists, realists and anti-gamblers all over the world, for more than 100 years.

The Reel Story will devote a double blog entry to the subject of slot machine tactics. Not because they are very complicated, but because they are very important.

There are mainly three things you need to consider when looking for slot machine tactics that will optimize your profit. One has to do with gameplay, one has to do with mathematics and one has nothing to do with marriage. Read on and you will understand why.

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

1: Play with maximum coins

You are generally not left with many options for actual slot machine gameplay. Different slot machines have different set-ups, some with the option to hold reels and spin again, some with extra bonus rounds, some with other odd features, but one option that is common amongst most slot machines is the option to choose how many coins or how much you wish to wager for each spin.

Always, always, always choose maximum coins or maximum stake.


Because when you play with maximum amount or maximum coins, you trigger the full jackpots and the highest winnings. This may well prove to be your destiny when the right symbols on those holy reels finally appear in perfect symmetry in front of you.

Many people in the history of slot machines have been struck by the shock of perfect reel symmetry, only to find out that the full jackpot was not triggered because maximum amount or coins was not wagered. Normally there are also higher winnings to be won in comparison with the amount wagered when the amount wagered is the maximum.

This tactic is of course an expensive one and needs to be applied according to your bankroll. If you have a big bankroll, you should go for the highest jackpot in every spin. If you have a small bankroll, you should find slot machines with low maximum stake/coins.

2: Find the slot machines with the highest payout percentage

As simple as it sounds. In order to maximize profits, you need to choose your slot machines carefully and concentrate on the ones with a high payout percentage.

You should also make sure that when you find a slot machine, casino or slot room with a high payout percentage, you should make sure their numbers are being controlled by a trusted, external auditor.

3. Be a slot Room Casino Slut!

Casinos and slot rooms are not like wives or husbands, its ok to be unfaithful or even a slot room slut. In fact, we strongly recommend it. We actually believe in this so much that we almost renamed the whole blog “In Diana Jones and the Hunt for the Holy Reel”.

By spreading your deposits with different casinos and slot rooms, you can greatly capitalize on the bonuses offered to new customers.